KYC UK Forecast of Event 2021
S/No Date Day Event Venue
1 27-Mar Saturday ZOOM meeting with Branches Committee Home
2 17-Apr Saturday YHC Tournament 2021 Cancelled
3 15-May Saturday  Sisekpa Tangnam Coodinating Meeting Chumlung Den
4 26-Jun Saturday Sisekpa Tangnam Final Coordinating Meeting Chumlung Den
5 17-Jul Saturday Sisekpa Tangnam 2021 Chumlung Den
6 21-Aug Saturday Sisekpa Tangnam Post Meeting/Dinner Night Chumlung Den
7 18-Sep Saturday KYC UK AGM Aldershot, Empire Hall
8 19-Sep Sunday KYC UK 10th General Convention Feltham, College
9 05-Nov Friday Chasok Tangnam Coordinating Meeting (ZOOM) Chumlung Den
10 18-Dec Saturday Chasok Tangnam 2021 Chumlung Den
11 Saturday Yalambar Hang Badminton Tournament TBC

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Yalamberhang Cup Forcast of Event for Next 5 Years
S/No Date Event Remarks
1 16-Apr-22 15th Yalambaerhang Cup 15th
2 15-Apr-23 16th Yalambaerhang Cup 16th
3 20-Apr-24 17th Yalambaerhang Cup 17th
4 19-Apr-25 18th Yalambaerhang Cup 18th
5 18-Apr-26 19th Yalambaerhang Cup 19th


KYC UK Forcast Of Event 2020
Date Venue Event
08-02-2020 Feltham Yalambarhang Cup Coordinating/ Post Chasok Tangnam Meeting
15-02-2020 Feltham Constitution assembly Meeting
12-04-2020 Yalambarhang Cup Final Coordinating Conference Call
18-04-2020 Feltham Cancelled Due to COVID 19
23-05-2020 CD Cancelled Due to COVID 19
06-06-2020 CD Sisekpa Tangnam Coordinating Meeting ??
07-06-2020 Basingstoke Cancelled Due to COVID 19
04-07-2020 CD Final Sisekpa Tangnam/ Welfare Fund Coordinating Meeting ??
18-07-2020 CD Sisekpa Tangnam 2020 ??
23-08-2020 CD Sisekpa Tangnam Post Meeting ??
05-09-2020 TBC Final General Convention Conference / Welfare Fund Dinner Night ??
26-09-2020 Empire Hall KYC UK Annual General Meeting/ General Convention
27-09-2020 Empire Hall KYC UK  General Convention ?
TBC Highwycomb Yalambarhang Badminton
19-12-2020 CD Chasok Tangnam Coordinating Meeting
12-12-2020 CD KYC UK Chasok Tangnam 2020

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Yalamberhang Cup tournament date for next 5 Years

S.No. Event Date Summary
01 9th Yalamberhang Cup 16 April 2016 9th Yalamberhang Cup
02 10th Yalambarhang Cup 15 April 2017  10th
03 11th Yalambarhang Cup 21 April 2018  11th
04 12th Yalambarhang Cup 20 April 2019  12th
05 13th Yalambarhang Cup 18 April 2020  13th Cancelled
05 14th Yalambarhang Cup 17 April 2021  14th


KYC-UK Forecast of Event 2020

S.No. Events & Activities Date Venue
01 13th YHC Cup Co- Post Chasok Tangnam Meeting 08-Feb-20 Felthma TW13 7EF
02 Constitution assembly Meeting 15 Feb-20 Feltham TW13 7EF
03 Final Yalambar Hang Cup Co-meeting 12 Apr-20 Cancelled
04 12th Yalmabar Hang Cup football tournament 18 Apr-20 Cancelled
05 YHC post/SisekpaTangnam Co- Meeting 23-May-20 Cancelled
06 KYC UK 5k Run for Fun (Charity) 07-Jun-20 Cancelled
07 Final Sisekpa Tangnam/ Welfare Fund dinner night Coordinating Meeting 04-Jul-20 Cancelled
08 Sisekpa Tangnam 2020 18-Jul-20 Cancelled
09 Sisekpa Tangnam Post Meeting 23-Aug-20 Cancelled
10 Final General Convention preparation AM /Members Welfare Fund Dinner Night 05-Sep-20 Cancelled
11 KYC UK Annual General Meeting 26-Sep-20 Cancelled
12 KYC UK General Convention 27-Sep-20 Cancelled
13 YHC Badminton TBC Cancelled
14 Chasok Tangnam Co-meeting TBC Cancelled
15 KYC UK Central Chasok Tangnam TBC Cancelled
16 KYC UK Central Chasok Tangnam 2019 14-Dec-19 Cancelled

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