Kirat Yakthung Chumlung (UK)

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Aims of Kirat Yakthung Chumlung UK

  • To undertake various activities for the upliftment of the Limbus, their language include Kirat-Sirijonga script, literature, religion and culture.
  • To conduct research on subjects related to Limbus and promote awareness among them.
  • To assist and organize various activities of social and welfare related problems and development of Limbus for those living in the UK.
  • To conduct effective charity programmes to benefit and foster friendship with local communities in the UK.
  • To develop and promote friendly relationship with other ethnic groups and communities, and enhance work for the consolidation of democracy, national unity and preservation of the culture of the community.
  • To conduct awareness programmes against drug abuse.
  • To plan and carry out appropriate Programmes in order to wipe out superstition and ignorance of people about health problems both in UK and Nepal.
  • To work for human rights, indigenous rights and women and child right.
  • To foster the Yakthung Chumlung UK’s relationship with other Yakthung Chumlung societies throughout the world.

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