यलम्बरहाङ कप – २०२२

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13th Yalambarhang Cup 2022 – Event instruction  and  Summary of responsibilities
–  Annex A:   Site map
–  Annex B:   Sequence of event
–  Annex C:   Emergency action plan
–  Annex D:   Team registration form
–  Annex E:   Score sheet
–  Annex F:   Cash prizes and trophies sponsorship (to be published in due course)
–  Annex G:   Main Cup retaining agreement
–  Annex H:   Stores and equipment list
–  Annex I:     Risk assessment

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Please note the following points:

  1. Team draws will take place on Thursday, 14 April 2044 (Event instruction/para 44)
  2. Team registration fee is to be paid before the “Team Draws”. (Event instruction/para 43)
  3. Personal declaration – all players must sign the team registration form (Annex D) before the game starts and they should have to have valid photo ID, which can proof their date of birth or age. (Event instruction/para 42)

Special request:

You are kindly requested to ensure if any of the topics mentioned in the Event Instruction pertaining to you, are carried out, adhered to, completed as necessary, and in good time.